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PENGS Salon & Spa

At Peng we believe in “BIG” beauty. It’s a wholesome beauty, and all encompassing beauty that flows from within us and grows with us. You can feel that beauty; it’s the good energy that we exude, it’s ease; theres nothing false or pretentious about it. It’s an effortless confidence, an empowering force, a gift from nature. It’s the naked, real, intimate beauty that we fall asleep with at night and wake up to in the morning. Its your beauty and mine.

Pakistan • since 2004

About Our Story

We aim to provide our customers with utmost beauty experience in a luxurious environment, along with delivering exceptional service to each client, thereby establishing a long-lasting relationship of trust & commitment. Featuring the very best talent, we have set out to redefining the facets of Hair & Beauty with bespoke services with 4 decades worth of experience!