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PhytOxygene Mask 50ml


Formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin, the PhytOxygene skincare products help oxygenate and detoxify the skin.

In only 10 minutes, the PhytOxygene Mask helps absorb the different impurities on the skin’s surface (pollution, toxins and sebum).

Rid of all impurities, the complexion looks radiantly beautiful, and the skin is able to breathe freely.

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Green ClayHelps eliminate toxins and pollution to purify the skin.

White Horehound ExtractStimulates the skin’s natural defences to detoxify and protect skin from external stress factors.

Phytic AcidTraps and eliminates heavy metals that pollute the skin.

Pro-Oxygen (from Corn)Promotes cell respiration to boost cell metabolism.


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