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After the first few applications, the skin feels remarkably hydrated, glowing with a softer, smoother and radiantly beautiful appearance.

Developed by the Mary Cohr advanced research team, I.H.C recreates the moisture levels of young skin.

This cream targets the complete cutaneous hydration process to replenish the skin with water, the cells’ source of life.

The skin is able to effectively fight against external stress factors and compensate for the loss of moisture that occurs with age.

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Aqua Cellular Complex (Aquasilanol and Hydrosmose® Complex with Hyaluronic Acid)

Stimulates the 3 fundamental hydration mechanisms :

Water retention: : by reinforcing and restructuring the skin’s barrier to limit transepidermal water loss.

Water diffusion : by stimulating the synthesis of aquaporins (proteins that facilitate the transport of water between cells).

Water storage : by stimulating the synthesis of filaggrin. This protein helps form molecules that retain moisture in the epidermal layer (NMF: Natural Moisturising Factor).

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